Mar 02, 2019 to Mar 29, 2019

Karl M. Sprenger

The beauty of bitterness
Karl M. Sprenger's paintings are profound and bitter, which undoubtedly strikes a blow to the eyes that are used to sweet images.
Bitterness is the essence of life and the foundation one’s soul is based on. Similarly, bitterness is also an enzyme of fine wine.
Sweetness can provide comfort to bitterness and can give a short-term return to it. But Karl M. Sprenger rejected such comfort and reward, and he refused to present sweetness and beauty in his paintings; his attitude is firm and uncompromised. It seems that those sweet and beautiful colors have become the source of temptation that he rejects. When I first met him and shook hands with him, I felt his steady eyes, a pair of clean and fearless eyes. I know that those who truly love life are acutely aware of the pain and the essence of his life.
In my opinion, Karl M. Sprenger's paintings have a beauty coming from bitterness, and I am sure that not many people can appreciate his paintings, especially those people whose eyes are long immersed in sweetness may avoid his paintings. But perhaps there will be some people who will swiftly embrace his paintings because they have been soaked in sweetness for too long. In addition, it requires life experience to view his paintings.
Perhaps this bitterness is only my personal feeling, because I cannot see a bit of bitterness in his eyes.
Qiang CHEN
February 20, 2019